iMist2 Gateway - Retrofit Kit


Enables installation of iMist2 on Gen 1.3 and Gen III and Gen III+  units with first generation remote control. 

Controller firmware update required to retrofit Gen 3/3+ units purchased prior to 2/15/2017

Controller firmware update required to retrofit Gen 1.3 units purchased prior to 4/17/2017.

NOTE: This kit is for use on Gen 1.3 systems that are NOT iMist2 Ready.  They also require the leak protection option to work with iMist2.  For iMist ready Gen 1.3 systems buy this gateway instead.

"iMist2" -- the latest from MistAway!
To learn more about iMist2 Ready, click here
To learn the required components of iMist2, click here


sold individually, special order Item, ships direct from factory, no returns

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