iMist2 Gateway

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iMist2 Gateway

A Gateway is used to complete the Internet connection so your iMist2 Ready system can be controlled with a smartphone over the Internet.


  1. All new Gen III+ systems now ship iMist2 ready, just add this Gateway
  2. The MistAway Gen 1.3 may be purchased with or without the iMist2 internals:
    iMist2 Ready Gen 1.3, just this Gateway
    the Standard Gen 1.3 is not iMist2 ready so buy an iMist2 RETROFIT kit instead
  3. iMist2 Retrofit Kit  The retrofit kit includes the Gateway and the  misting system components and may be used on older Gen III+ and Gen 1.3 systems.

 The iMist Gateway physically connects to your existing Internet connection via a cat 5 cable (included). You must have an available port open to plug this in.  Then this device communicates wirelessly out to your misting system in your yard. 

    1. Connect the Gateway to an open port on your router or switch
    2. Connect the Gateway to an electrical outlet 
    3. See instructions that come with the Gateway to turn on the iMist2 option

"iMist2" -- the latest innovation from MistAway!
To learn more about iMist2 Ready, click here
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