Replacement MistAway Gen III+ PLUS-CAP (Insecticide Bottle Cap)


MistAway Replacement Gen III+ "PLUS-CAP" for the Gen III+ misting system.

This reusable Plus Cap is put onto a tip-n-measure bottle and "Snaps" into the Gen III+ coupler (gray) making refills as easy as a snap! 

For the MistAway Gen III+ misting system.
Earlier MistAway Gen III systems used RFID chips in the cap, this was eliminated in 2010 and the model name was changed from Gen III to Gen III+ designating the "Plus Cap" change.  If you are still operating the older Gen III system it can be upgraded at no charge to the "plus" model (Gen III+), please contact us.

Part Number  25700   sold individually


*(NOT for use with the Gen III which uses the programmable Pro Cap secured by a 4-digit PIN code)