Re-Usable 128oz Bottle (holds TWO-64oz bottles)


Empty 128oz (1 gal) Re-Usable Bottle

This bottle allows you to put a double-dose into your MistAway Gen III+ misting system.  Normal dose is 64 ounces (like the Gen 1.3 drum systems use) but if you buy Sector by the gallon you will not only save money but with this bottle refill your Gen III+ with a full gallon so you can DOUBLE the time between refills!

Some customers have one of these bottles for every seasonal refill. If their installation consumes two gallons a year, they have two bottles (with Plus Caps) ready to go at the beginning of the season -- when refill time arrives they just snap in the next bottle!

It is such a great item we include one of these FREE in every Gen III+ we sell!