iMistAway requires:  1) iMist enabled system,   2) iMist Gateway that plugs into your Internet router or switch, and   3) iMist service subscription.

iMist works on both iPhone & Android. It allow you to use your phone instead of the hand-held remote to MIST, STOP MIST and SKIP NEXT MIST.  The phone app also allows you change the operation of the system to OFF, REMOTE ONLY, AUTO EVERYDAY and AUTO CUSTOM.  iMist also allows you to instantly see if your system is On or Off, see if your system juice level is OK, Low, or Empty. It also shows the system's last mist and next scheduled mist as well as the last time iMist communicated with your system. Finally, iMist also lets you see the times you've set for all of your programmed mistings.