MistAway Wind Sensor Option

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MistAway Wind Sensor Option

Don't want your misting to drift off your property? Don't want to waste insecticide?

Another industry leading option from the industry leader MistAway! This sensor prevents your MistAway mosquito control unit from triggering above a user-settable wind speed.

Easy do it yourself installation and setting of the desired wind speed threshold on the system controller.  When the wind is too strong, the controller will automatically inhibit the programmed mist.

Here is how it works: The controller reads wind speed each minute for five minutes.
If wind speed is still greater than the threshold after five minutes, it goes into hibernation until the next programmed mist.

Mount the anemometer and plug the wire into the controller. Uses a standard telephone type jack.  

Due to the diversity of installations the mount is not included. However, the anemometer/wind vane is designed to clamp to the top 3.5 inches of a mast having a having a diameter of at least 1 in. and not more than 1-1/4 in.  If mast will be relatively short, PVC pipe will work.  The wind sensor comes with 40 feet of cable and uses a RJ11 (telephone) jack to plug into your system unit controller.  The cable may be extended another 40 feet maximum (not included) for a total of 80 feet between the wind sensor and the misting system.

Works with both MistAway Gen 1.3 and the Gen III+

Sold individually, is special order and ships direct from factory.

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