How to Remove MistAway Gen III+ Sidewalls

April 03, 2020

MistAway Gen 3 without sidewalls

We may use the terms Gen 3, Gen III and Gen III+ interchangeably in this article.

Time Required: Under 5 minutes to remove the sidewalls of a MistAway Gen 3
Tools Required: A Phillips head screwdriver is required to remove 8 exterior screws in the proper order. 

Repairs and replacement of certain parts in the MistAway Gen III and Gen III+ require the removal of the sidewalls while for some components it is optional but allows for an easier replacement and probably faster overall.

  • Replacing the inlet water valve -- may be replaced without taking the sidewalls off but removal of the sides makes the job easier.
  • Replacing the dosing pump -- most often replaced without removal of sidewalls, but don't back-out the pump's two anchor screws too far or you'll be taking off the sidewalls anyway.
  • Replacing the brass fresh water pump -- attached to the Gen III system's motor, the sidewalls must come off.
  • Replacing the Gen 3 motor -- the sidewalls must be removed.
1. UNPLUG THE SYSTEM AND release insecticide bottle, placing the bottle to the side in a safe place.

2. Loosen – but do not remove – the middle screw on the front wall using a Phillips head screwdriver. It is located on the bottom front of the system.

3. Remove the 2 other screws on the front then 1 screw on each sidewall, and 4 cabinet screws on the rear of the system. Now the system's sidewalls should rest on the middle screw on the front.

4. Remove the thumbscrews holding the controller onto the shroud and while leaving wiring harness connected, lift the controller up and feed the controller back through the opening and rest it the best you can inside the system.

5. Remove the 4 large thumbscrews that secure the shroud but leave it in place for now.

6. Grabbing the system handles on the sidewall cabinet pull the handles slightly outward, then lift the walls away and place the cabinet walls in a safe place.

7. Rotate the shroud and lay it to the left side of the unit being careful to not over-stress the connected tubing.

Once the part replacement is made and tested...

8. Rest the shroud on posts on the back wall and bring the controller back into place through the hole in the plastic shroud.

9. To reposition Gen 3 system sidewalls, grab the cabinet handles and pull slightly apart while then dropping them around the system onto the middle screw post at the front of the unit.

10. Replace but do not tighten all 8 screws in this orderTIME SAVER: Do not tighten until all 8 screws in place.
2 in front
2 in sidewalls
4 in back

Finally re-tighten all screws including the shroud and controller thumbscrews.

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