How to replace the MistAway Gen 3 Water Pump

April 03, 2020

How to replace the MistAway Gen 3 Water Pump

How to replace the MistAway Gen 3 Water Pump

The Gen III+ water pump is located in the back left corner of the unit. The MistAway Gen 3 sidewalls must be removed when it is time to be replaced. Make life easy on yourself by following the sidewall removal instructions especially when time to re-assemble!

Time to change is about 15-20 minutes
Tools needed are a Phillips head screwdriver and a possibly a 3/4″ wrench

  • Pump suction port fitting: Straight Connector - 3/8" Threaded Male x 1/2" PTC | SKU: 10190
  • Pump discharge port fitting: Run Swivel Tee - 3/8" Threaded Male x 1/4 PTC | SKU: 10140
  • Pump clamp | SKU: 10820)
  • Gen 3/1.3 Brass Pump | SKU: 10820

1. Remove sidewalls, controller and shroud. See Gen 3: Access Components by Removing Sidewalls.

1. Remove existing pump

a. Remove the screw in the clamp that connects the pump and motor using Phillips screwdriver, and separate the pump from the motor by pulling them apart. 

b. At this point the intake and discharge tubing should be released from the push-to-connect fittings on the pump. These fittings work exactly like all the other push-to-connect fittings in the nozzle circuit but are larger and may take a little more effort.

3. Replace the pump with a new MistAway Repair Part - Gen 1.3 and 3 Brass Pump Replacement assembly (includes new fittings)

NOTE: If you have anew pump that did not include new fittings use a 3/4″ wrench to move the old fittings onto the new pump. It is important the tee-shaped fitting installs onto the pump port having the arrow pointing towards the pump discharge. The 3/8" Threaded Male x 1/2" PTC connector goes onto the pump port with the arrow pointing as the intake of the pump.

4. Re-insert the intake and discharge tubes into the PTC fittings of the pump. IMPORTANT: Push tubing FIRMLY into fitting and then pull back FIRMLY ensure good connections.

5. Slide the clamp with its screw over pump and reattach the pump onto the shaft of the motor. Tighten the clamp using the Phillips head screwdriver.

6. Before buttoning up the sidewalls you can start an INS (inspect) cycle to ensure the unit is working properly with no leaks. Cancel the INS cycle as soon as you know all is well (or needs more love) and reassemble the unit.

7. WHEN REPLACING THE MistAway Gen 3 SYSTEM SIDEWALLS, rest the shroud on posts on back wall and bring the controller back into place through the hole in the plastic shroud.

Grab the cabinet handles and pull slightly apart, while then dropping them around the system onto the middle screw post at the front of the unit.

Replace but do not tighten all 8 screws in this order. 
Do not tighten until all 8 screws in place.
For ease of assembly replace but do not tighten the screws in this order:
2 in front
2 in sidewalls
4 in back
Finally re-tighten all screws including the shroud and controller thumbscrews.

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