How Do I Retrofit iMist2 on an Existing Unit

July 16, 2021

How Do I Retrofit iMist2 on an Existing Unit

To successfully connect to the iMist Gateway your system must have current electronics:

The Retrofit Kit INCLUDES the iMist2 Gateway so the kit has all the required hardware.

To determine if either a Gen 1.3 or a Gen III+ has the current iMist electronics simply check the color of the remote receiver. The iMist2 receiver is beige color while the older receivers are black. The beige iMist2 receiver is shown in the photo above and receives signal from the beige-faced hand held transmitter (shown). On the Gen III+ it is located under the system's lid. On the Gen 1.3 it is located under the plastic shroud holding the controller in place. It requires the removal of four screws holding the shroud, then lift up and peak inside. offers a Retrofit Kit for older systems to use the new iMistAway service to control your system via smartphone or computer.

The iMist retrofit kit is used along with a MistAway controller having current firmware to bring iMist2 to older units.

The IMIST2 GATEWAY - RETROFIT KIT has everything needed to replace older components that need upgrading for iMist2.  The final concern is to ensure your controller has correct firmware.  See below. 

At any time check if your controller firmware supports iMist2.

  1. Cycle power to your MistAway system while watching closely the information going past the window on the controller screen.
  2. Some items stay on the screen longer but what you need won't display long so don't blink -- all Gen1.3 or Gen3 capable of iMist2 will contain “PR” followed by a 3 digit number during boot up process.
  3. If you do not see the “PR” version of the firmware, contact us to get return authorization for sending your controller to MistAway for a no-charge firmware upgrade. All you have to pay for is getting the controller sent. Return shipping is no-charge.


If you have current firmware and an installed Retrofit Kit you'll be able to connect.  

Everything in the Retrofit Kit simply screws on or plugs in -- a very easy 10 minute upgrade.