March 02, 2019


MistAway Systems

The Mosquito Magnet trap machine has been replaced by the mosquito kill method. You've probably followed a link to read this blog entry because you are considering a mosquito misting system.  Maybe a neighbor has told you about the amazing effectiveness, ease of operation and low maintenance with these mosquito killing machines. It is no wonder, they are creating a revolution in mosquito control.  

Depending on your point of view, a mosquito misting system could be what many would call a luxury item.  For others it is a necessity.  Some people are allergic to mosquito bites while others are unable to defend themselves such as special needs children. But for most homeowners who like to spend time in their own yard or other property without bloodsucking mosquitoes constantly wrecking their good times a misting machine is a valuable tool.

Mosquito misting systems have a reservoir (between two and 125 gallons) which keeps mosquito insecticide mixed with water that is pumped on demand or on a schedule through a nozzle system designed to spray approved pesticides in a fine mist to blanket the area and kill mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and spiders as well as a host of other outdoor biting insects.

Unlike mosquito magnet traps misting systems don't attract mosquitoes INTO your yard like those propane mosquito magnet machines that are only moderately effective yet require lots of dirty maintenance.  Constantly cleaning out dead bugs from proprietary filters and continual propane refills that are expensive get old quick.  Plus the heavy and bulky tanks are a royal pain.  Mosquito traps were great at one time because they reduced the mosquito population somewhat but they weren't the answer everyone was looking for since their effectiveness was moderate yet the operating costs high. 

Misting systems kill mosquitoes where they live, in your yard, using a highly diluted botanical insecticide that is readily available on the Internet from a variety of vendors.  The insecticide breaks down with exposure to the sun.  Refills in the Tankless Gen 3 model take only about a minute by simply snapping in a new bottle of concentrate.  The machine then automatically dilutes the insecticide as it is consumed, a tiny bit at a time, over the months while that bottle has content. The drum units 55 and 125 gallon refills take substantially more time and is a little messier since the garden hose must be rolled out and filling that type of volume takes time. About halfway through the 55 gallon refill, empty a new 64 oz bottle of misting insecticide into the reservoir and continue filling the drum to the top. The larger 125 gallon reservoir will take a full gallon and only fill that one up to 110 gallons. 

The World Health Organization has claimed "Many major cities of the world, especially in the Americas, are at risk of potentially devastating epidemics of yellow fever because they are infested with Aedes aegypti mosquitos which can transmit the disease."

Mosquito misting systems are truly a great tool in combatting mosquito populations and can allow you and your family to enjoy your yard, pool or patio again like never before. Just install and use according to directions and be without those irritating bloodsuckers cancelling the good times.

Take an average yard with a 40 nozzle circuit that mists three times daily at 40 seconds each for a total of 120 seconds per day.  A standard dose of 64 ounces of approved insecticide will last just over two months between refills.  If you have the Gen 3 tankless model you can put 128 ounces, one gallon, in the machine and go well over four months between refills.  

There are no bugs to clean out or proprietary components like attractants to change when refilling as with a propane mosquito magnet.  A MistAway system "Nozzle Circuit Filter"  is a recommended option to filter the water-insecticide mix as it leaves the system to the nozzles. It has a replaceable element that should be changed once a year. The elements typically cost under ten dollars, and are cheaper when you buy several. To replace one, just unscrew the canister with your hand and swap elements. The whole process takes only a minute.

Mosquito misting systems have precision spray nozzles which are placed about 10 feet apart around the perimeter of the area to protect. They can be placed on the  house, fence, garage or tother structure or in the landscaping on free-standing risers.  Tiny 1/4" tubing connects the spray nozzles to the insecticide reservoir in the misting machine.  Most misting systems are triggered automatically at preset times usually at dawn and dusk using a timer.  Others can be conveniently operated via remote control. Quality machines can do either. Regardless which method used they eliminate the need and the labor involved with fogging using a backpack sprayer on a regular schedule or after heavy weather to repeatedly retard mosquitoes from becoming a problem and re-infesting a property.  Unlike the backpack sprayers that rely on leaving a residue that fades, the effectiveness of a mosquito misting machine doesn't fade and it leaves no residue.

Mosquito Misting systems have become very popular recently. Originally developed to protect expensive thoroughbred race horses from flies, the idea quickly spread to protecting one's own backyard from flies and mosquitoes and a new industry was born.  Few people realize that the mosquito is part of the fly family.  These systems  have become a real asset both in urban and suburban environments in controlling mosquitoes, fleas, spiders and ticks.

A mosquito misting system allows a homeowner to use their yard knowing they have almost eliminated the mosquito population and possibly disease-carrying mosquitoes from their yard. After all there is always a possibility of a rouge mosquito now and then.  While only some mosquitoes carry disease, the more that can be done to reduce their numbers and therefore exposure to them the better. Nearly eliminating the threat of a possible disease-carrying mosquito on your property is golden.

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