New Vs Old MistAway Nozzle Tip Design

November 04, 2019

New Vs Old MistAway Nozzle Tip Design

In 2015 MistAway redesigned their nozzle tips from the old single chamber that included all components in one chamber to a new two-chamber design to provide a separate chamber for filter. This allows running the newer nozzle-tips with or without the nozzle-tip filter.

At first the newly designed dual chamber nozzles shipped including the internal tip filters. However since the introduction of the NOZZLE CIRCUIT FILTER in 2017 they no longer include tip filters because the NOZZLE CIRCUIT FILTER took over the role of filtration.

The NOZZLE CIRCUIT FILTER is much easier.
The NOZZLE CIRCUIT FILTER is less money in the long run.
The NOZZLE CIRCUIT FILTER dramatically speeds filter maintenance.
The NOZZLE CIRCUIT FILTER with an abundance of filter surface area filters better than the old method of tiny filters in each nozzle tip.

So the NOZZLE CIRCUIT FILTER NOZZLE CIRCUIT is better at filtration, saves a ton of time & plenty of money. It centralizes filtration AND reduces filter maintenance to a quick annual swap of the single filter element.

Most importantly, it allows the nozzles to be more consistent in producing the best and most effective mist plume without the performance drop as with the old filters.

If you have older nozzles (pre-2015) that are single-chamber they cannot run without the internal filter.

Moving to the newer nozzles and the Nozzle Circuit Filter can either be done gradually after you've installed the Nozzle Circuit filter as individual nozzles clog or all tips may be replaced all at once when you install the Nozzle Circuit Filter.

When examining the nozzle you have know that the newer nozzles are stamped with "MistAway S" or "MistAway s NF."  Of course taking it apart is the most sure way to know. The "MistAway" or "MistAway 30" tips are definitely the older single-chamber style and won't work without a tip filter inside the chamber.

With the Nozzle Circuit Filter use the newer MistAway dual-chamber nozzles (shipped since 2015). If you already have 2015 or newer nozzles remove the filter but leave the spring/ball where it is (in the other chamber.) Currently shipping nozzles DO NOT include individual filters and expect the use of a Nozzle Circuit Filter.

New replacement nozzle tips (and complete nozzles) are shipped WITHOUT filters to work in tandem with the Nozzle Circuit Filter.

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