NEW! Say Goodbye to MistAway Nozzle Filters

December 19, 2018

NEW! Say Goodbye to MistAway Nozzle Filters

Slimline nozzle "tip" filters are gone!  

If you buy your MistAway mosquito misting system from us the improved filtration system will be included.  We add it to every MistAway Gen 1.3 and Gen III+ mosquito misting system and the new Nozzle Circuit Filter is also available as a retrofit. (see photos).  

Now, with the new Nozzle Circuit Filer, nozzles no longer contain individual filters. All Slimline nozzles shipped by MistAway are without filters and expect the use of the new Nozzle Circuit Filter.

The new filter system:

  • Lowers maintenance time
  • Lowers maintenance cost
  • Greatly extends clog-free performance
  • Greatly improves overall efficacy

This all means a quality misting plume is produced for a considerably greater length of time between filter maintenance events. Better yet, filter maintenance time is now measured in minutes instead of hours. No more taking nozzles apart one by one to change out their filters. Just open the Nozzle Circuit Filter canister and replace one large filter element located on your system and you are done!  Filter replacement is recommended once per season.

If your nozzles were purchased in 2015 or later, there is no need to replace nozzle tips, just remove the filters.  These nozzles are designated as "MistAway S" and have this code stamped on the face of the nozzle tip.   

If your nozzle are older, with "MistAway 30" stamped on their tip face simply replace these with the newer model.  The newer model are no longer shipped containing individual filters but are designed to run with or without filters.

MistAway Gen 1.3 New Filter System  MistAway Gen III+ New Filter System  MistAway Gen III (and III+) New Filter System RETROFIT

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