MistAway to Announce a Major System Improvement

March 31, 2017

MistAway to Announce a Major System Improvement

A major announcement by MistAway is forthcoming the first week of April 2017, probably April 3, 2017.

In this announcement a new nozzle circuit filtration system will be revealed.  Gone are the filters in each nozzle!  Hurray! 

A new central filter system will be included with every Gen 1.3 and Gen III+. (see photo below). The new system has many times more magnitude filtration capacity with corresponding efficiency. This new improvement will lower nozzle maintenance significantly while improving consistency in mist delivery.  New nozzles will not have a filter.   Retrofit kits will also be available.

There will also be a price increase.  After the announcement our prices will be revised.  From now until the announcement, if you purchase your system immediately at current prices we will ship you the NEW system (once they become available next week.)  

We are really excited about this new improvement!

MistAway New Filter

New filtration system (Gen III+ RETROFIT shown)

NOTE: For those people who just recently purchased a new system and have already taken delivery, we will offer a retrofit kit for both the Gen 1.3 AND the Gen 3 -- for only the difference in price between current pricing and new pricing.

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