"Cheaper" Mosquito Misting System?

February 09, 2019

BETTER than the competition, period.

Ten reasons you'll be better off with a MistAway system.

First reason is most non-MistAway systems don't trap fluid in the lines. This means each time a cycle is triggered the nozzle circuit must be filled again so the first nozzles begin to spray well before the last nozzles, overdosing the early nozzles and shorting the latter nozzles.  MistAway systems begin misting at all nozzles at the same time, thus providing very efficient and consistent application, giving the best mosquito control with the least insecticide possible.

Does the competing system agitate the mix before EVERY mist keeping it consistent mist after mist?  Does their system do a once daily complete agitation? MistAway systems agitates quickly before each mist and do a once daily full agitation. The engineered agitator allows for a consistent blend with each mist.

Does the competing system use batteries causing total reprogramming every time they go bad?  MistAway systems use a "SuperCapacitor" eliminating the need for reprogramming.  MistAway did away with battery issues many years ago.  Life is good.  

Does their system still use a float to keep track of volume? MistAway improved their system years ago doing away with a mechanical float system. This saves MistAway owners the aggravation of synchronizing the float with the controller all the time. It also eliminated mechanical hangups/stuck float as well as waterlogged float issues. It's always something, but not on a MistAway -- they don't use floats at all on the Gen 1.3 system, yet the quantity indicator is very accurate.

Does their system include siphon protection?  A cut tubing could result in a siphon; emptying the full contents of a 55 gallon drum without your knowledge.  What a mess!  The Gen 1.3 provides siphon protection as part with the agitation benefit. 

MistAway utilizes a state-of-the-art control panel designed especially for automatic insect control and is super easy.  It provides options like daily mists, specific mist days, different mist times for the scheduled times, remote only operation, automatic daily operation, specific days only operation and you can read the actual flow rate for troubleshooting or curiosity. Plus much more.

This MostAway Gen 1.3 includes the advanced remote with longer range and signal feedback (so you  know the system received your command)

The auto drain valve in this system insures the nozzles open and close instantly, eliminating dripping and streaming.

MistAway leads the market by a WIDE margin. Make no mistake, it is not easy to hold more than 50% market share. Only dedicated, consistently good products, constant innovation and great service allows such a success!  

MistAway systems are designed by MistAway's own engineers.  Real engineers, college educated, degreed and authentic.  MistAway systems are built with thought, customer feedback, planning, testing and real life trials.  Why buy a competing system that looks like it was put together in somebody's garage to make some money?  Buy a system you KNOW will get rid of your mosquitoes.

It boils down to this: Buy a system you can depend on (well built) to get rid of the problem (most effective & consistent) that is easy to maintain and will save you money in the long run, and let you forget about mosquitoes.


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MistAway systems are better

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