Zika Virus and MistAway Misting Systems

Posted on March 12, 2016 by B. John Bettenhausen

Will MistAway systems kill mosquitoes carrying Zika and West Nile viruses? 

You bet they do!  Our MistAway systems are the most effective thing you can use to solve a mosquito problem on your property -- even the ones carrying diseases.

Zika virus is spread to humans through mosquito bites, just like the ones carrying West Nile Virus. The Aedes Aegypti and the Aedes Albopictus (Asian Tiger Mosquito) mosquito species can carry Zika and West Nile Viruses and they are both found in the United States.

The mosquitoes themselves receive the virus by biting a human already carrying the disease, then the tiny mosquito spreads it when biting other humans.  

Anyone known to be infected with Zika virus should do everything possible to AVOID mosquitoes — especially in the first week.   Obviously this is a problem because most people do not jump to the conclusion they are sick from Zika virus.  This is because Zika virus manifests itself minimally.  

The CDC states
“The illness is usually mild with symptoms lasting for several days to a week after being bitten by an infected mosquito.  People usually don’t get sick enough to go to the hospital, and they very rarely die of Zika. For this reason, many people might not realize they have been infected.”

The bottom line is that avoiding mosquito bites has become a very important health issue not just for oneself, but for the health of the Nation.

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