MistAway Nozzle Extensions

June 24, 2015

MistAway Slimline Nozzle Extensions are 2 inches long and are perfect for a little extra length to clear vegetation, building structures etc. to get the misting spray up and out of the immediate area.  

These nozzle extenders by MistAway are the latest improvement to MistAway’s product line. 


One example of how they can be used is when installing a nozzle in a vine covered area where only a short elevation is needed so the mist output clears the leaves of the vine.  Another perfect application is fencing installations when hiding the nozzle behind the fence but just a little more length is required to clear the face of the fence.

In both of these examples the 2” MistAway Slimline Nozzle Extensions save the day.  Instead of using a tee, an inch or two of tubing, a coupling then the nozzle, just unscrew the nozzle tip, screw in the extension then replace the tip into the extender and you are done!  Save on time, save on materials! 

Not limited to these examples, the MistAway Nozzle Extensions can be used anytime a little more length is needed.

This is a big win for lowering installation costs, making a complex task easy and saving time!