Winterization Notice 2017

October 14, 2017

Winterization Notice 2017

Why Winterize Your MistAway System?

So that the system starts up next spring without issues!
Fluid that freezes inside the pump, valves, nozzles and fittings expands and will break the components.

Gen 1.3For those customers having the Gen 1.3 follow the new UPDATED winterization procedures...


For those customers having the Gen III+ TANKLESS system follow the new UPDATED winterization procedures...


This year MistAway introduced a new nozzle circuit filter that significantly reduces nozzle fouling, Nozzle Circuit FilterMistAway Nozzle Circuit Filter maintenance effort and expense in keeping the systems running effectively. If you've installed one of these filters and there is any risk of a freeze, you should take these simple steps to ensure the filter is operational next spring:

1) Disconnect the pressure relief valve and invert it to drain the water, then reconnect it.
2) Unscrew the head from the housing and pour out remaining water. Discard the element.
3) Remember to insert a new element at Spring Startup!
Nozzle Circuit

In addition to winterizing the misting unit, it is a good idea to purge any fluid that may remain in the nozzle circuit with compressed air.
1) Remove the tip on the last nozzle at the end of each run.
2) Use a portable air compressor rigged with a 1/4" push-to-connect WINTERIZATION ADAPTER to blow the remaining fluid out of the circuit.