Should I use angle or straight nozzles?

April 23, 2015

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “should I use angle nozzles or straight nozzles?”

While there are exceptions, a great way to think of it is this: if the nozzle is to be mounted horizontally, that is, if you are going to push it sideways into a fitting consider a straight nozzle. If the nozzle is going to be mounted vertically, that is, if you are going to push the nozzle down into the fitting use an angle nozzle.  

Not a hard fast rule, yet it is a great rule of thumb to help prevent misting in the wrong direction — into the ground.  The object is to mist so air movement will drift the mist, blanketing your property without drifting off site. 


This photo is showing a horizontally mounted nozzle mounted on a tree.

Often you can use either type of nozzle as the dominant air current will be moving the mist with the air anyway.  Here is an example: Let's say we are mounting under the side of an elevated deck, lets call it eight feet high.  In this case a straight nozzles could be used, it would be pointing down but it is high enough that air movement would be helping disperse the mist.  

However using an angle nozzle will work even better giving additional dispersement.  In this way the nozzle could be directed toward the yard and further into the dominant air movement.  The photo shows this situation, one nozzle is pointed toward the yard, another is pointed toward the dark gloomy area under deck area.  You will notice the nozzles are rather close to each other but that is due to a pond-less water feature (without fish) which is not shown.  The second nozzle is providing a little additional protection in the area.

MistAway nozzles - angle or straight example

As you design your layout please know that we can ship any combination of straight or angle nozzles with any of our kits at no extra charge from the website.  But you’ll have to let us know via telephone or e-mail, otherwise the kits default to all angle nozzles. 

As a reminder, remember nozzles connect into a fitting (Tee, Elbow, or Coupling) so for every nozzle you buy, you'll want to buy the type of fitting you wish to use too. 

For your convenience, here is a link so you can look over these MistAway parts.

As always, your source for MistAway,
B. John Bettenhausen

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