Time Well Spent!

April 10, 2015

If mosquitoes are causing havoc in your backyard, installing a mosquito mister system is time well spent!  As far as the misting system installation goes, all fittings are push-to-connect.  So if you can push a lamp cord into a wall outlet you’ve got the skills.

Placing the unit on level ground near electric is the quick part of the installation. Mounting nozzles takes the bulk of the time.  Learning how to operate the controller is fast and easy.

So where to attach nozzles?  Easy answer, but installations vary.  The following are common methods in mounting misting nozzles.

If there is a fence around the area, like around a pool area or the entire yard, perfect.  Place nozzles about every 10 feet on the fence. For wood fences use Dynaclamps to secure the tubing.  If it is metal use zip-ties.  In our MistAway DIY kits Dynaclamps are included, zip-ties are not.

If you have landscaping with plenty of mulch/flower beds or bushes around the perimeter, buy one of our “riser” kits. MistAway riser nozzles are a beautiful piece of engineering. Stick them in the ground and string the tubing to them. Cover the tubing with mulch or covering of your choice and you are done.

A third type of installation is a yard full of trees or one that has a perimeter of trees. In these cases mount a nozzle about eye-level on trees that are spaced about 10 feet apart. Using straight nozzles into an elbow usually works best here. The tubing is then strung down the tree and attached using included Dynaclamps.  At the base of the tree the tubing is inserted into a tee.  Between trees tubing can be buried or left on the ground and covered with leaves, mulch, pine-needles etc.

Finally, you may have an elevated deck or underside of a deck-rail to mount nozzles, that works too.  Use Dynaclamps to secure the tubing. 

In summary, mount nozzles onto most anything. Since misting works by dispersing a mist into the air and using air movement to drift the insecticide, it is best to mount misting nozzles at least knee-high and as high as about 10 feet.  Shoulder height or eye level is a good target because the mist will have enough height to float and disperse onto the area but not so high as to over-disperse.  Mounting under the eaves of the house is fine, but second floor nozzles are too high. 

One word of caution: do not place nozzles near bodies of water as the insecticide is toxic to fish.

Some installations take an afternoon, others take all weekend. In any case enjoying a yard without mosquitoes is an amazingly peaceful and enjoyable experience.  We hope you get the drift.  :) 


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