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Posted on June 25, 2017 by B. John Bettenhausen

Ever wish you had an app to control your misting system? Now its available!   

iMist2 is MistAway's Internet access hardware and software used to connect a MistAway misting system to the Internet and allow smartphone control via an app.

MistAway has been quietly perfecting their Internet connection hardware and software over the last couple years. Version 2 is now in production, iMist2.

As dealers we've been using the first version for a couple years and it has been great.  With the release of the latest equipment on June 26, 2017 we are offering it to all our DIY customers because the ease of installation is finally at the point most people can get it connected and installed without any problems.


     What iMist2 offers:

    The iMist app is available for both iPhone & Android smartphones.  IMist2 allows you to use your phone rather than the hand-held remote to:

    1. MIST
    2. STOP MIST

    It also provides the ability to change the system mode of operation:

    1. OFF

    iMist also allows you to instantly:

    1. see if your system is Off or On and operating normally 
    2. see if the system juice level is OK, Low, or Empty
    3. observe the system's last mist and next scheduled mist
    4. know the last time iMist communicated with your system
    5. check the times you've set for all your programmed mistings.

    All iMist2 Ready systems INCLUDE system leak protection! 
    iMist2 Ready Gen 1.3s and, as always, all Gen III+  systems have factory installed leak protection.  If your nozzle circuit has an issue, it will STOP as soon as the leak is detected. It could pay for itself with one leak!

    iMist2 functionality requires three components:

    1. iMist2 enabled misting system
      1. all Gen 3s shipping after June 26, 2017 come iMist2 Ready
      2. iMist Ready Gen 1.3s are available as are non-ready systems
    2. iMist Gateway - physically connects to your existing Internet connection
      1. Connect the Gateway to an open port on your router or switch
      2. Connect the Gateway to an electrical outlet
    3. Subscription for the service
      1. Supply us with some critical information
      2. Sign up for auto-bill-pay for the subscription 

    To Get Started with iMist2:

    Purchase an "iMist Ready Gen 1.3" or any new Gen III+ and simply add a gateway to your order and we will contact you to set up the service.

    Purchase an iMist2 Retrofit Kit and we will contact you to set up the service.

    iMist is truly a dealer tool for their local customers -- but many DIY customers like seeing the status and having the ability to control their MistAway system from their smartphone.

    If you are one of those customers, and as the dealer who will be supplying iMist2 to you, know that your system will show it's information on our Dashboard.  We will have the ability to monitor your system and will send you an email if we see something amiss. There are no performance guarantees, but this is part of the service.   Our Dashboard will show extensive operating information about your system and we will endeavor in keeping you informed.


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    CDC Zika Virus in Florida Update

    Posted on April 06, 2017 by B. John Bettenhausen

    Zika Virus in Florida Update

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have issued an update including:

    Advice for people living in or traveling to South Florida
    Guidance for Zika cautionary areas
    Guidance for previous Zika active transmission areas

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    Zika Virus in Texas Update

    Posted on April 06, 2017 by B. John Bettenhausen

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have issued a Zika Virus in Texas Update:

    The update includes information on:

    Advice for people living in or traveling to Brownsville, Texas
    Guidance for Zika cautionary areas
    Testing and Diagnosis
    Pregnancy Planning
    Zika cautionary area in Brownsville, TX

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    MistAway to Announce a Major System Improvement

    Posted on March 31, 2017 by B. John Bettenhausen

    A major announcement by MistAway is forthcoming the first week of April 2017, probably April 3, 2017.

    In this announcement a new nozzle circuit filtration system will be revealed.  Gone are the filters in each nozzle!  Hurray! 

    A new central filter system will be included with every Gen 1.3 and Gen III+. (see photo below). The new system has many times more magnitude filtration capacity with corresponding efficiency. This new improvement will lower nozzle maintenance significantly while improving consistency in mist delivery.  New nozzles will not have a filter.   Retrofit kits will also be available.

    There will also be a price increase.  After the announcement our prices will be revised.  From now until the announcement, if you purchase your system immediately at current prices we will ship you the NEW system (once they become available next week.)  

    We are really excited about this new improvement!

    MistAway New Filter

    New filtration system (Gen III+ RETROFIT shown)

    NOTE: For those people who just recently purchased a new system and have already taken delivery, we will offer a retrofit kit for both the Gen 1.3 AND the Gen 3 -- for only the difference in price between current pricing and new pricing.

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    Zika Virus Info from the national newspaper

    Posted on August 06, 2016 by B. John Bettenhausen

    This is a great graphic from the national newspaper:

    Zika Virus Area

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    Two California Zika Babies - Born With Microcephaly

    Posted on August 06, 2016 by B. John Bettenhausen

     Breitbarth is reporting "Two Zika Babies Born In California With Microcephaly"


    Two of 21 California women with confirmed cases of Zika virus have delivered babies with the birth defect microcephaly in connection with the Zika infection.

    Both women contracted Zika “after spending time in a country where the virus is endemic,” according to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Mosquitos with the ability to carry the virus have been discovered in 12 California counties, but as of yet there is no evidence to suggest that the virus has been transmitted from these mosquitos to humans in California.

    Zika baby in CA

    “This is a sobering reminder for Californians that Zika can cause serious harm to a developing fetus,” CDPH Director and State Health Officer Dr. Karen Smith said in a statement released on Thursday. “We join the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in urging pregnant women to avoid travel to areas with known Zika transmission. Pregnant women who must travel to one of these areas should strictly follow steps to prevent mosquito bites and speak with a health care provider upon return.”

    “Zika virus can also be transmitted to sexual partners by both males and females. Both men and women of childbearing age should take precautions if they have recently traveled, or plan to travel, to a location where Zika is spreading,” said Smith.

    Recently in Miami, Florida it was discovered that mosquitos within the state had transmitted the Zika virus. The revelation resulted in a partial travel restriction for that portion of Miami.

    In California, the CDPH is monitoring pregnant women carrying the Zika virus and will monitor infants born to Zika-infected mothers for one year.

    Zika virus can be spread through bites from mosquitos as well as through sexual activity. Those planning travel to areas with Zika outbreaks have been urged to take precautions including the use of insect repellant, installing window and door screens, wearing long sleeves and pants, and emptying containers that hold standing water.

    Confirmed cases of Zika infection in California residents from 2015 through June 29, 2016 totaled 113, plus one non-resident, according to the CDPH. 47 of those cases occurred in Los Angeles and San Diego counties. Those infected are often asymptomatic, making it difficult to determine the extent of an outbreak. Symptoms can include fever, rash, joint pain and conjunctivitis.

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    Mosquito-to-Human Zika Virus is Here

    Posted on August 01, 2016 by B. John Bettenhausen

    Mosquitoes are now passing Zika Virus inside the United States.

    We knew it was coming, now it's here.  No longer limited to people who traveled to foreign lands and brought it back.  Some of those people have been bitten by mosquitoes after they'e returned -- now the mosquito population is biting others and passing the virus around.

    At the time of this writing, the discoveries have been in the Miami area.

    THIS WEEK there have been 10 MORE cases reported of people who contracted Zika Virus from mosquitoes.  Last week it was only three, now the total is 13 and it is a real probability that new cases will explode unless something major is done. 

    Time to take action.  

    IF you have any doubts, please view this graphic: Zika cases in Florida

    source: Miami Herald



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