Be amazed at the low annual cost of a DIY MistAway mosquito misting system. Truly effective, low maintenance and quiet automatic operation make MistAway systems the first choice in mosquito control.

The MistAway mosquito misting system uses water based concentrates that get highly diluted before application. Unlike back-pack treatments, misting formulations contain no petroleum distillates and leave no residues.

Our DIY mosquito misting kits contain the market leading MistAway mosquito misting system and all the items for a typical install so you can get relief fast. The best mosquito control available anywhere in the world is with a MistAway, built to last and packed with useful features. Just turn on your MistAway system, lock the lid and forget you ever had mosquitoes.

  • Inside MistAway Gen III+

    MistAway Gen III+

    The World's Most Effective & Consistent Mosquito Control

  • Mosquito Biting Skin


    Diseases, Welts, Pain, Allergic Reactions, Blood Suckers

  • MistAway Risers Misting


    Outdoor Comfort Like Never Before

  • MistAway Gen 3+ on porch

    MistAway Gen III+

    Industry Leader
What the twins say...

What the twins say...

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